Creation of Sophie Sue


After the passing of his beloved dachshund Sophie Sue in July 2016, Renaissance Man Stef Albert set pen to paper and created The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue, an educational and inspirational adventure series of illustration books for children.

As artist, illustrator, designer, author and musician, Stef Albert created the charming stories and colorful illustrations as a personal homage to his loyal companion of twelve years.

Always by his side, Sophie Sue travelled the world, sailed the seven seas and lived in a variety of countries. Always ready for the next adventure and loved by all who knew her, Sophie Sue touched the hearts of many.

Now, as heroine and mentor to millions of children, her legacy lives on. As a passionate activist for the well-being of animals and children, Stef Albert donates a large portion of proceeds from The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue to animal and children protection organizations.

Dividing his personal and professional time between New York, Provence and Tuscany, he continues to draw, write, compose and design, while bringing joy and delight to children all over the world. 

The Sophie Sue Message

Sophie Sue is adored by children and adults regardless of age, race or gender. Her charming personality embodies good will, kindness, magic and love. As a female heroine, her ability to turn into a giant Wiener-Copter, Submarine or Limousine sets the stage for unique rescue missions in faraway countries and fantasy destinations. Diverse in gender and personality-types, the main characters appeal to both boys and girls.

Through colorful illustrations and plentiful action void of violence, the stories address positive values, camaraderie, tolerance, cultural diversity, endangered species and awareness against animal cruelty.

Sophie Sue and her animal friends teach children about countries, languages, flags, costumes, cultures and traditions.

Believing in the impossible, following your dreams, reversing bad into good, and sharing unconditional love are but a few qualities The Magical Adventures of Sophie Sue implant share with every child.